Call to Join the #saysomething Movement 

If you think there is peace when there is no war, you are wrong!

If our children are exposed to sexual abuse in homes, streets and schools, this is a war that needs to be prevented urgently.

Sexual abuse is contagious, the shame and guilt it creates are contagious, traces left are permanent!

And if we can't prevent it, it will continue to cause deep sores by passing from generation to generation.

Together We Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse - #saysomething Movement has been launched.

With your support, we aim to build awareness in society to protect children from sexual abuse. 

We want children's sexual abuse to be learned, spoken, and told to all those who do not know.

We want to give hands to the children, break the silence and lift the darkness. 

Please join the #saysomething Movement, share what you have learned and encourage all of your connections to participate.

  • #saysomething Movement Days 

  • 9-12 January 2020 

  • 9-12 April 2020

Your participation is very valuable. We believe in your strength and are very hopeful.
By joining the #saysomething movement, you will not only protect the children of the present you will also protect the children and grandchildren of the future.


Thank you very much on behalf of the children.


With love, friendship,

WHR Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Teams Management,

Ayten Zara