We children's primary school is the home where we grew up.

We grow up by learning to love, respect, share, repair and compassion from our parents, or learn to control, humiliate, hate, abandon, punish. 

As adults, if you cannot relate, love, control your anger, solve problems, and raise your children by injuring them, so you are considered a partner of all crimes now and in the future!


Abusers and dictators, even if they were hard-hearted unscrupulous, started their lives with the chance to be a good person like any human offspring. When we look at these people's lives in detail, you can understand why their hearts become solid because of their childhood traumas, when they lose their chance to become human beings and become violent cruel. Every kind of violence you inflict on us is a cruel language that clearly tells us that we do not deserve love and respect for children, that we are helpless, poor little people. Therefore, in the future, we may not defend human rights, empathize with the sufferers, recognize physical pain as a signal of danger, and use violence to feel strong and control people!

If YOU can transform your relationships with WE CHILDREN into compassionate loyalty, you will inherit a culture of nonviolent, non-violent relationship to us and to the next generations.


We don't ask you much. We just want a warm home without violence. This is a nest that accepts us as we are, guiding us to protect ourselves, seeing and appreciating our truths rather than our mistakes, and wrapping it up like a cotton quilt when we are sad.

However, in such a home, life flows with all its beauty, and we can grow as conscientious, fair and peaceful people that you will be proud of. 

With love and respect,