Dear Children,

Sometimes your family, someone you know, or someone you don't know can break down the rules and approach you sexually.

He can give you rewards to keep the sexual abuse confidential, give you a special privilege, threaten you, tell you that it is your fault or that nobody will believe you or harm your family if you share it.

Dear children, it is not right for anyone to behave and touch in a way that bothers you, your mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle, uncle, grandfather, neighbor, teacher and even your friends. 

Your body is yours and alone.

You always have the right to say ’no’ to someone who is bothering you and to complain about it. If you are afraid to discuss this with your parents, you can share it with someone else in your family or with one of your school and relatives.

If you can't find someone to trust in your neighborhood, you can go to the nearest police station and make a complaint.

To behave like this would be very brave and appreciated because you helped the person to learn the rule that sexual abuse is a crime and prevent him from committing more crimes.

We love you. We're always there for you.

We will work hard for you to live in a loving, fair and peaceful world.


Stay with love.  

World Human Relief

Dear Child Friends,

Here you will find Turkish institutions where you can get help to remove the abuser from the family and make a criminal complaint against him.