#saysomething Movement Days

My father raped my siblings and I for two years. My mother sensed it, but said nothing, not even a whisper!

When their trust is betrayed, the child’s world becomes as dark and cold as a grave…

One of my siblings committed suicide!

At least someone should have said something!

Even if little was told!

Even if it was said from a distance!

Say something now…please say something …!


18 - 21 Kasım 2020

    If you decide to become Child Sexual Prevention Team Member we have listed below what we want you to do on the days of the #saysomething Movement. 

  1. Read our section on Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse on our website. Organize activities / learning sessions / seminars to raise awareness of sexual abuse in homes, schools and workplaces. 

  2. Print out the Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse brochures / banners / leaflets which we will send by e-mail and distribute them around you, at work, in schools, on the streets.

  3. Provide this information verbally for parents who do not have access to the internet.

  4. It is very important to raise awareness of the people and children living in the countryside.  Deliver these brochures / posters / leaflets to acquaintances living in towns and villages, either by hand or by mail. 

  5. Provide all kinds of support for teachers working in the Anatolian countryside to provide brochures / posters / leaflets for protection against sexual abuse. Visit the villages if necessary. 

  6. We will post the posters / brochures / videos that we will put on the site and send to you by e-mail which you will be able to broadcast in the written and visual media.

Your participation is very valuable. We thank you on behalf of the children, their children and grandchildren.