Dear wounded heroes,

We are very sorry fort he sexual abuse you experienced as a child. 

We are writing below how to make an oinment from your wounds.

Look back to the past first. If it still hurting you, it's not over.




Join the Together We Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse #saysomething Movement. Announce the movement as much as you can. This way, you get rid of the passivity of the abuse you had as a child and become active and begin to gain strength.

Read as many sentences as you can every day from the information on this website. By doing this, you get rid of the sexual abuse that is controlling you and start controlling it.  


This trauma has grown with you for years. That shows how much of a fighting spirit you have. Instead of forgetting and suppressing this truth, remember as much as you can. Tell someone who understands you in full detail. So that the poison inside you starts to flow out, you will relax.


We ask you to write a letter to your childhood. Write a few sentences every day about your sexual abuse as a child. It may take weeks, months to write this letter. The important thing is to remember and write by feeling. So you can keep the mourning of what you have lost as a child.

Release what is in you. Let your tears flood…those tears are magical. Sing songs to your soul. The breath that comes with the songs is magical. It will heal you.

When you finish the letter, this wound is no longer your problem, it becomes your strength. Victory is now yours.

The shame and guilt that you carry is not yours! It is the shame and the guilt of the one who did this to you, and let it go. If you wish, you can send a copy of this letter to the perpetrators.

Then one day you go to your neighborhood. Bury the letter somewhere in the neighborhood. Say goodbye to your trauma. Remember your childhood. Despite all the neglect and abuse you had as a child, congratulate yourself on your strength to survive, tenderly.

We are hugging and kissing this child with love, 

World Human Relief