• Turkey is a fragile geography that constantly produces trauma in the context of the violence cycle. There is a severe risk of living in turkey, it has become a continuous threat of trauma.

  • Although domestic and street violence against women and children has long been a serious problem, violence against women and children has increased in recent years.

  • The old political, ethnic massacres and massacres that were not properly confronted at the time were slowly entering the agenda of the society and causing serious socio-psychological shocks. The children and grandchildren of the murdered still live between us. For them, this process involves the possibility of being traumatized again.

  • The most important feeling that feeds intergenerational traumas is the feeling of victimization. Groups who consider themselves victims are using violence to create new cycles of revenge in order not to become victims again. This cycle turned into a collective trauma in which large masses shared feelings of despair, humiliation and shame, creating a perception of identity that fought against cruelty and started to produce other traumas.


Turkey is replete with history and in a geography where traumas are continuously produced, both the number of trauma victims and their needs are enormous. However, we cannot say that the resources available for trauma victims are adequate and well-coordinated. It is not possible for a society that produces longitudinal trauma and that can subvert the minority groups and not look back at what they do to feel in peace and solidarity. 

In order to break the chain that transfers the feelings of hatred, hostility and guilt from one generation to another, we need to learn from each other by healing and living and developing in peace.

We need to reconsider defeats, losses, and mourning by taking strength from each other together to ensure the restoration of individual and community identity. All these steps leave the traumas and losses in the past, together with the beginning of triumphing against violence and making history for peace.

For this purpose, we aim to open the first International Trauma Prevention and Rehabilitation Center between 2020-2021, where trauma specialists will take training, treatment and rehabilitation services to people of Turkey.

If you would want to participate in the study for the International Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Prevention in order to be effective, we have to understand and avoid the effects, risk factors and causes, of the prevalence of sexual abuse in Turkey. 




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